" Thank you so much for your arrangement of the wonderful trip.
I was wondering if ALT could fulfill our all hopes as we had requested many things to ALT this time.
Despite of our lots of requests, ALT perfectly planned our itinerary to fulfill all our hopes.

All hotel grades were more excellent than we expected and very comfortable.
We tried to pack many plans in our schedule this time and picked up amazing spots only as we did not have enough time, but I would like to ask ALT to arrange long vacation trip with variety of sightseeing spots next time.
Thank you so much for your hospitality and look forward to seeing you again. "

“Thanks a ton for putting together a beautiful memorable trip for me and my family. We enjoyed every moment we spent on your beautiful island.
We had the best guide ever. He was immensely helpful patient safe so well informed and a lot of fun for our entire trip.
He has been very friendly and hospitable and helped us learn so much about your country.”